Twilite Lounge Dallas (Full Band)

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Twilite Lounge, 2640 Elm St, Dallas

Full band show at Twilite Louge Dallas location in Deep Ellum in two sets from 10-1. Please join us and we hope to see you out!

The Venetian Times

New single "Slomotown" available today! 

Our new single is available to stream and/or purchase on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube and beyond today, as well as here on ouar site. Link is below. Our new LP will be out later this year and sounds fantastic.


*Our next show is Wednsday August 22nd at Sundown at Granada 9-9:45. Please join us!

*Acoustic trio at AllGood Cafe Friday August 31st 8 to 10 as well. 


Have a great weekend and we hope to see or hear from you soon, 


Robbie, The Venetian Sailors



"Empty Mines" on 91.7 KXT tonight! 

"Empty Mines" from last years release "La La Language" is spinning tonight on Amy Milller's the Local Show on 91.7 KXT. Tune in and come see this Saturday at the Common Table in Frisco from 10 to 1!  6740 Winning Dr #1005, Frisco, TX 75034

The Veneian Sailors trio at Common Table this Thursday 

We're performing at the Common Table in Uptown this Thursday from 10:30 to 1:30 as an acoustic trio, featuring the wonderful Courtney Elane on high harmony and the talented Nigel Newton on vibraphone.  2917 FaIrmount St, Dallas, TX. Please join us and Happy New Year to all. Our new LP is almost finished and sounds fantastic!

The Venetian Sailors at Harvest House, Friday, November 3rd 

We are performing Friday at Harvet House in Denton on their outdoor stage from 9 to Midnight in 2 long sets.  No Cover and awesome kombucha and cold brew coffee along with their great beer selection.  We have vinyl copies of "La La Language" available for purchase and will be featuring new songs from our upcoming LP as well. Please join us Denton!  331 E Hickory

Dallas Morning News write up for "La La Language" 

Heres a write-up from the Dallas Morning News on our new LP, "La La Language" from last month.  We will be performing at The Harvest House on Friday Novemeber 3rd in Denton and at Twilite Lounge Friday November 17th in Deep Ellum. Please join us and scoop a copy if you haven't already

Vinyl Release show, Thurs. August 24th @ Three Links 

"La La Language" will be formally released on vinyl and digitally via iTunes, Spotify and Amazon tomorrow! Our release show will be at Three Links in Deep Ellum. Joining us will be Chris Holt, and headlining will be Chris Holt with us backing him up. Shadows of Jets open the show.  Please join us and come grab a copy!!

Three Links, 2704 Elm St.

Shadows of Jets   9

The Venetian Sailors w/ Chris Holt   10

Chris Holt w/ the Venetian Sailors   11


*Listening party at Off the Record (2716 Elm St) this evening at 8

Second single, "Time Stands Still" now available! 

"Time Stands Still," our second single from our new LP, "La La Language" is now available on here as well as iTunes, Spotify and all other digital distributors. Thanks 91.7 KXT for putting our first single "Out in the Open" in regular rotation. Pick it up here or on iTunes as well!!

**Our Vinyl Release show for "La La Language" is Thursday August 24th at Three Links (2704 Elm St), with Chris Holt joining the band! We will also be his backing band for a headlining set featuring songs from his new double LP "Stargazer."  Opening the show is Shadow of Jets. Hope to see you there!!


Listen to KXT 91.7 for put new single "Out in the Open" dropping Today  

Our first single, Out in the Open, from our soon to be release Album - La La Language is dropping today and being played on KXT 91.7!  In celebration of all things Independent (Radio Stations, Albums, Single, and something else I am forgetting) we are offering a free download of Out in the Open. It is being released on ITunes and Spotify as well. You can get your free download for the next 2 days

Venetian Sailors at 3 Links, this Sun May 14! 

We are headlining a three act bill that is a battle of the bands at Three Links in Deep Ellum. The winner opens for Jamestown Revival at Bomb Factory!! Come on out for what will be a wild show: we got some magical moves in the works for ya, so join us for an unforgettable evening of live, entertainment and pop music renaissance. 

8PM Mountain Natives 
9PM Matthew McNeal 
10PM The Venetian Sailors

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La La Language

The Venetian Sailors

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Thursday, August 24th, we will be formally releasing our new LP, "La La Language" with a batch of vinyl and digitally via itunes. Below are our first 3 singles from it and tunes from previous releases as well. A meta-investigation of social alienation and self-rediscovery, "La La Language" is a melody-laden album that harkens back to thematic beauty and musical narratives of Ray Davies and McCartney. Invoking the sentimental exploration of Harry Nilsson, with touches of Loving Spoonful and Beatles for classic good measure, it taps into the melodies and emotion of the Great American Songbook and beyond.

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